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Do you look at your child’s old toys and wonder what to do with them? Or perhaps you have your own old toys in a box, collecting dust, in your attic. You can’t donate them to charity, or put them in the "Toys for Tots" boxes during the holidays. You can sell them on eBay or at a garage sale, but both can be more trouble than they are worth. So there they sit as you really have no interest in throwing away perfectly good toys.

Enter BuyBuyToys. BuyBuyToys provides you with a paying alternative for the toys you’d like to get rid of. Contact us with the toys you have and we'll let you know how much we'll pay you for them.* No auctions to wait for, no garage sales to hold, no hassle, and no fuss. Just cash in hand for your old toys.

Customers prefer BuyBuyToys for a variety of reasons including:

  • Safer and easier than selling on eBay
  • Have no time to hold a garage sale
  • Can’t donate used toys that aren’t still in their packaging
  • Giving them away puts no money in your pocket
  • Sending them to a landfill is just wasteful and not very environmentally friendly

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* BuyBuyToys does not buy infant toys nor do we buy most toddler toys (some exceptions for toddler toys pre-1980).

"We turn your attic trash into cash!"